Our mission

Our mission

Our mission is to nurture self-confidence, critical thinking and active citizenry in young Namibians coming from disadvantaged backgrounds who will build a more equal and knowledge-based Namibia.

Programme Objectives

  • Instill values and attitudes of general equality and inclusiveness;

  • Encourage a healthy and physically active lifestyle supported by an optimal feeding scheme;

  • Improve learning and teaching outcomes through education for sustainable development;

  • Develop capacity of young women and men from disadvantaged communities to take part in competitive sports;

  • Engage learners in life skills programming centred on comprehensive sexuality education;

  • Enhance awareness of issues of national concern such as human rights, climate change and protection of the environment;

  • Enhance civic engagement in the education and development process;

  • Create a foundation for nurturing a productive and competitive human resources (labour force) contributing to the development of the nation (NDP4 Goal 6, p. 134).

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