Support P.A.Y.

Support P.A.Y.

Any support, no matter how big or small, counts.

P.A.Y. is running an ongoing fundraising campaign which is meant to sustain our day-to-day business and increase programme reach. For P.A.Y. to continue offering the high quality of service delivery to the youth, we count on your generous support. Click a button below and make a donation today:
Activities that the money will be put to are as follows:
  • Operating costs
  • Nutrition programme
  • Transport for volunteers
  • Study materials
  • Sports and IT equipment
  • Races and tournaments
  • End of Trimester camps
For our Namibian donor base, you may send funds directly to our bank account:

Standard Bank, Namibia
Account name: PAY Program No. 2
Account number: 241504988
Swift code: SBNMNANX

Support P.A.Y.

Thubaelihle Sibanda

Director of Programmes

+264 81 741 5658

If you wish to arrange for an in-kind donation or visit the centre in person, please contact Thuba

To learn more about P.A.Y. pillars, click on the links below

Our three pillars

First pillar: Education

First pillar

Quality Education


Second pillar



Third pillar

Life Skills